Personalised wedding favours

If you are looking for truly unique wedding favours take a look at the personalised wedding fortune cookies.

You can decide the messages to go inside! Maybe share some secrets with your guests, include some ice breakers to get your wedding tables talking or suggest some photo challenges to keep everyone involved.

Wedding fortune cookies with your own personalised messages inside - unique wedding favours

We take your words, print them on little slips of paper and then bake them inside the wedding fortune cookies and wrap each one in its own little foil wrapper to keep it fresh (and safe from prying eyes!) until the big day. We can also print your names and wedding date on the message slips and wrappers. Have fun, let your creative ideas run wild and surprise your guests when they open their cookies!

Need help with the messages?

If you are struggling to think of the messages to go inside we can also personalise our Icebreaker Wedding Fortune Cookies, the Wedding Trivia Fortune Cookies, our Wedding Quotation Fortune Cookies and the Traditional Wedding Fortune Cookies. We will print the range of themed messages on the front of the slips and your names and wedding date on the back.

Wedding fortune cookies with wedding quotations inside - unusual wedding favoursWedding Icebreaker wedding fortune cookies - unusual wedding favoursWedding Trivia wedding fortune cookies - unusual wedding favoursTraditional Fortune wedding fortune cookies - unusual wedding favours